Turn your legacy devices to smart attendance machine

Facio.ME® Transform your old devices to the smart attendance devices using facial recognition technology

  • No credit card required
  • No Special Device is Required - The Biometric Device is a Mobile/Tablet
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Facio.ME mobile attendance

Awesome Features

  • No Installation, technician no needs to visit your office, and you do not need to buy a server or special devices.
  • Multi devices, work on both Android, iOS.
  • Audit logs, Admin can keep track of employee's check-in/out in real-time.
  • No credit card required. You can start using Facio.ME® for FREE.
  • Easy to connect with multiple 3rd party solutions such as: Zoho People, Odoo, Slack, Telegram...
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Facio.ME old phone or tablet face attendance


Easy and quick integration with apps and work tools

How does this App Work?

Make your unused tablet or smartphone into a smart attendance machine

Facio.ME® app work independently on your smartphone, and no required special equipment. In addition, Facio.ME® support old Android and iOS version that turn your used smartphone to a cost-effective timekeeping machine.

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Manage Your All Data on Cloud

Facio.ME® possesses a user-friendly interface that will allow you to access and manage your data easily. A dashboard provides quick statistics on your devices, employees, and their clock-in/out data. Moreover, you can export reports and timesheets on your own.

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Synchronize time clock between Facio.ME and Zoho People

  • 1 Click setup
  • Realtime synchronize time clock (check in/check out) between Facio.ME and Zoho People
  • Easy to sync users of Zoho employees with to Facio.ME
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Synchronize time clock between Facio.ME and Zoho People

Free Time Tracking Within Slack

Facio.Me slash commands allow you to clock in and out within seconds. Time is recorded when you clock in and stops when you clock out.

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